In the Waka bet domain, you will be looking at one of the most straightforward firms we have ever had in the country. They are a local company enabling players to have that international standard taste. It is ideal for anyone to wonder what this firm does, how effective they are, and to some point, investigate their reliability. Wakabet Tanzania is a dependable bookie with policy and norm of always having their customers upfront in any revamping process. They have passed all legal and other standards required of them by the state as well as users. For players seeking to establish the Wekabet location, they are addressed to Ohio street, and the director-general operates from PSPF towers, Dar es salaam.


They are sports betting service providers specialized in football-related operations. The market aspect is well covered according to the taste of football lovers, and from them, the game is brought closer. On this Wakabet tz bookie investigation, we are covering the following topics;

  1. Pros and cons
  2. Markets and odds
  3. Registration
  4. Payment methods
  5. Waka bet offers
  6. Support unit
  7. Mobile betting

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages section entails what we can see and operate from the bookie firm. We also appreciate that users may have different experiences when booking Wakabet bets. Thus these are not tied to fixed status.

Disclaimer: The Wakabet service quality may change with time, and players have different views concerning the firm’s operations. Therefore, these highlights are subject to the general and static characteristics deduced after a thorough interaction with Wakabet platforms.


  1. A simple website layout
  2. A superb system which guarantees minimum errors
  3. Several incentives to boost investment activities
  4. Variety of payment channels
  5. The support team is available and easy to interact with
  6. A lot of football events under which you have numerous options to predict on
  7. Fast pay
  8. Quality mobile experience on Wakabet app
  9. Reasonable limits on maximum wins and stake


  1. Features only one market and not every punter in the country is a football follower
  2. No iOS app
  3. Their graphics game is on an average level.

Wakabet Markets and Odds

Waka bet football is the main activity covering each soccer event played locally and internationally. The company avails an opportunity for boosted odds and other related offers which are designed to increase your returns. The market is grouped into countries as events displayed feature only matches of the day.

 wakabet odds

Therefore, it is a conclusive and yet a simple bookie assuming a fantastic layout for easy use. All you need now is to master the form of your favourite events and proceed to book Wakabet tickets meeting all regulatory measures. The odds are good enough for players to establish an edge while their profitability remains averagely high. It is a right decision by the company for selecting to feature football in exclusivity since a significant number of gamblers focus on this avenue.

So when we combine their odds quality, events variety and other usability aspects, Wakabet qualifies to be a competitive football betting brand. The main events feature countries hosting some of the major world leagues.

Since these leagues have a big following and they are easy to predict on, customers get to make quick returns after a not so complicated analysis. Place your Wakabet bets today on their website which is available here

Waka bet Registration process

It is recommended that you first head to their platforms and identify the features you would like to invest in. There are a lot of flashy wagering options with a perceivable high winning possibility. However, you still need to get that particular league or team you want to invest with.

The second step requires that you compare their functionalities and services to bookies you are already in or planning to invest with. There is no reason as to why you should sit back and watch friends with Wakabet accounts win.

Therefore, create your own profile using these few steps and start earning too;

Register Wakabet on desktop;

 wakabet desktop registration

  1. Start by opening their website here
  2. You will notice the simple layout with some fantastic colour themes which are of course designed to be attractive. Check the Wakabet Sign up icon on the top-left position and tap it
  3. Provide information in the spaces allocated in a resulting window coming your way after step 2
  4. Tap the continue button to submit your details
  5. Proceed to login Waka bet and start playing

Wakabet register mobile app;

 wakabet app registration

This procedure begins at the apk download stage, which is covered later at the end of the discussion.

Assuming that you already have the application integrated into your android device and fully functional, proceed with the following steps;

  1. Open your application
  2. You notice that the first window after opening is a signup form
  3. Enter your information and a coupon if you have one
  4. Submit for verification, and you should get a profile shortly

Sign up Wakabet phone site;

It is another simple and straightforward approach for registering with the company. Locating the appropriate icons is easy since their placing on this platform is perfect for new players.

 wakabet mobile registration

On mobile site, sign up options can be found in two locations which are; at the top and also within the navigation menu dropdown. Here we have the registering instructions for anyone on a mobile browser;

  1. With any reliable browser, tapping here should land you on their homepage
  2. Find the registration button and proceed to their enrollment form
  3. On this form, users are expected to provide their details
  4. Enter those details and submit your account application request

Waka bet payments

With an active profile, we now move to the payment details. Wakabet is an investment platform in which you get support tools to invest a small amount of money with the intent of multiplying to a more significant value.

Therefore, depositing is essential for one to win, and so is withdrawal which aids in taking your returns to the bank. They have numerous methods set to assist in making of payments. The particular purpose chosen in first payment remains to be the only approach to apply for the rest of your betting life.

These are the payment channels;

  1. Tigo
  2. Mpesa
  3. Halo Pesa
  4. Zantel which is popularly known as ezypay

For withdrawal transactions, follow this procedure;

  1. Login your wallet
  2. Proceed to “profile” section
  3. Choose to withdraw
  4. The next window will allow that you specify the amount
  5. Send request. The money should be credited to your bank instantly

Wakabet Welcome Bonus

Conditions governing this reward are user friendly, and thus players are only required to make a deposit and get their 100% return on the first lost ticket.

Wakabet has a lot in store for new users, and that is not limited to this new user reward since there also exist a “Teleza Waka bonus” which is awarded in different packages. Here are the terms and conditions of this gift;

  1. Create an account
  2. You should have placed your first wager with your Waka wallet
  3. You can only spend this reward on at least a wager of 20 odds
  4. The number of legs per ticket is supposed to be 7+
  5. Users get this reward at the beginning of the last event included in their losing slip
  6. The gift cash remains valid for 7 days after which it will be voided

Other promotions

We still have other Waka bet promos and bonuses availed. You should be keen to take this down and make reasonable returns from them.

 wakabet promotions

Simply tap here and meet the entire promotion package;

  1. Teleza Waka bonus
  2. Cash-out
  3. Invite friends
  4. The Wakabet Jackpot

Help desk

In case you are having problems accessing some of the bookie’s features, use any of the following Wakabet contacts to raise your issues;

  1. Airtel: 0789 834 929
  2. Halotel: 0622 598 611
  3. Zantel: 0772 943 221

Wakabet Mobile

Use this procedure to get the Wakabet apk;

  1. Open the firm site
  2. On the animated banner, tap the app link
  3. Proceed to retrieve the apk file
  4. Allow installation of apps from unknown sources
  5. Tap your retrieved apk
  6. The application will get installed, and you can now start enjoying a superb performance


  Is Wakabet a law abiding firm?


  Who owns Wakabet?

Triventure Investments Limited

  How to open an account and place a bet?

Use the provided procedure in this guide

  How to cancel a bet?

Open the ticket and choose sell option

  Ηow to verify my profile?

By providing accurate information when setting up your profile


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