This bookmaker has failed to be enthusiastic about pc betting considering that over 90% of Tanzanian population use mobile devices.

But still, comparing the SupaBets we have and that of other countries, the company hasn’t majored in promoting its brand around Tanzania hence a good number of features are still not user-friendly.

supabets mobile

Being a user guarantees your access to a big market, big cash wins up to Tsh10000000, promotions and bonuses, free bets for new users, the list of availed betting goodies courtesy of registering with SupaBets is long. Betting is assumed to be the primary mode appreciated by this bookie, but still, the tech advancement and app exclusiveness couldn’t be noted.

There is an android app yes, but comparing this to what the rest of the bookmakers within Tanzania have, we cannot give a definite thumbs up. Focusing on the SupaBets app, we can say that this mobile app makes work easier for the average punter.

Time and cost are the main attributes here; at the topmost part of this app, we have a search option that makes the location of markets, features and specific events less tedious. On the other hand, this is a 5.2mb size SupaBets's apk file, which means fewer data during download and also less data consumption when users are interacting with betting resources.

Features of Betting

Betting is the best and most stable way to access this bookie’s resources in Tanzania. Once you get to the site, at the extreme bottom, you can see that there are a lite version and a full version of the website.

supabets mobile versions

The full version is actually the main version, which can also be accessed through your phone or on a desktop; it is compatible with both devices although not meant to be efficient on desktop devices.

The Lite version depicts quite some higher degree of efficiency and works almost like the SupaBets app, where data are utilized economically and resources load a little bit fast. Both websites portray some level of reliability, but they are unable to beat the app especially on the arrangement of features; markets in the app are displayed in a systematic manner while locating them is always a click your way.

supabets lite

The bookie avails more than enough in its betting promotion with a determination to establish substantial grounds within Tanzania as they have done in other countries of Africa. The betting entity is ultimately settled by the SupaBets apk; the file is fast downloadable and its features beat our performance expectation.

Getting the Android App

With an idea of the general betting nature and the constituents of the mobile application, we are in to sort your download difficulties. Newbie, average, and pro punters can all easily access this one step away android mobile app.

We begin by going to the the mobile website and scroll down;At the bottom, you will see the “SupaBets app for android users” icon.How about you press the button labeled “Download it for free.”

supabets download app

This is the green button which entails the link to downloading of SupaBets apk Tanzania files After feeding in, select the file to launch and start using your app.

Soccer betting

Soccer betting is made more accessible to the SupaBets app and mobile site. All major soccer events are grouped as per their leagues with the first grouping being the major soccer leagues.

supabets soccer betting

A similar arrangement has been applied to all sports betting markets be it in basketball, rugby, tennis, or ice hockey. Apart from the first bet free reward system, users are splashed a good number of offers, all of which are easy to win in addition to the easily predictable events at the football market.

Looking for a casino game to bet on at SupaBets Tanzania? Forget about it; there is none here. Betting in sports is the leading and only market provided by this bookie.

Mobile Promotions

SupaBets is an average bookmaker on the bonus issue and there is no exclusive mobile bonus. These are basically bonuses; one can simply hit from any platform and device.

supabets promo

Some of them are; a 110% deposit rewards, Daily free draw where a bettor can win up to TZs 10000, and Free bet opportunity for new users.

Get account through mobile

What is driving bettors to this company? In addition to decent odds, variety of payments systems, and the good of almost everything, this bookie affords players the best business environment, simplicity, and excellent performance of the online betting platforms. Use the app and you will attest to meeting the best gambling home especially if you are the new guy in betting

In the mobile application, at the top, just next to the search bar, you should click the “Join” button.

supabets app registration

You are given the option of joining using your email or phone; authorize any you feel comfortable with. Similarly, on the mobile website, the enrollment button is at the top.

supabets app login


  Can I make mobile transfer payments?

Use tigo and mPesa.

  What is the difference between App and Apk?

An app is realized upon installing of the apk file

  Can Customers win real Money with SupaBets Apk?

It is business as usual, so no practice-play


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