Mobile betting takes a central position like services provided by this bookie; you visit their website, and the first feature you will come across is a dark grey screen with two options; a lite and the Smartphone/Tablet versions.

parimatch mobile versions

The two website versions are all meant for mobile phones and tablets; hence betting through mobile devices is a basic and the only available method. However, you can still access the website using your PC or load the Pari Match App for more efficient performance.

The Applications leads in terms of performance, and the mobile lite comes in second while the Smartphone or main site trails behind the two in terms of superfast performance. By all means, we can view this site as one of our own here in Tanzania and having the Mobile App would be core.

This bookie is promoted well in Tanzania and it avails its latest updates on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even goes to the extent of having a Youtube channel. At PariMatch, without their App, it is believed that the game will never be fun playing in, so although it is optional, we may consider this to be a necessity.

The App was developed with consideration of all bettors; thus, its size and data consumption during load as well as in use are well regulated. Despite the low cost of running this Application, the bookie has entailed all its features in it.

Once you have the apk, you proudly have the whole of Pari Match betting site at the palm of your hand, carrying quality and efficiency at the same time when placing bets. Live betting fans be it in casinos or sports; this is your home; app betting makes the access of this feature real-time and as fast as possible to avoid odd decrease or removal of live match options.

We are going to show you how to access any of the PariMatch Apps, register with the company to get an account and look at some features which are of benefit to punters while betting with this bookie on mobile.

Access of PariMatch Apk in Android

  1. The process is more natural after you feed it from the bookmaker’s website. Once you open the site, you will spot a button on top of your phone screen, prompting users to get the Mobile Application for better wager experience on their android device.
  2. Select the load button on the above tab, and there you go, the apk gets loaded into your device.
  3. Then get to your phone setting and authorize the installation of Apps from other sources other than the Google play store. Then press the apk, and your Pari App will get installed in your device.
  4. It is 11.4 Mbs in size; thus, it won’t take long to load and install.
  5. If the popup fails to show up, click the banner image (anywhere on that image) at the slide menu, which runs at the beginning of the website’s homepage.

Getting the iOS App at Pari Match

This bookie has the most straightforward iOS App to understand and use, considering that it is available at the iTunes store.

Go to the iTunes store and load the updated version of this great App since we have the latest version regularly. Just like we did in the android case, you click the load to install your App.

This application is updated regularly to improve its performance and fix bugs so always look forward to loading the latest version or updating the one you might be having currently.

On features, elements and attributes, iOS and Android have similar characteristics as the bookmaker’s website. Now that you got the instructions to move on and use this app in improving the experience of placing your bets.

Benefits of using PariMatch App

Pari Match App will be the new leeway to improve your bet placing activities, bet with no struggle, and cheaply, then sit back to watch your wins unveil. Why should you load the Mobile App? There are a variety of reasons with some being basic, while others are uniquely associated with functionalities only availed by this bookie.

You should be able to notice that this application consumes less data than the Mobile website. That’s what we mean by betting cheaply, or at low cost. There is no reason for spending a lot of money on mobile data trying to access similar elements you can access at a lower price within this App, and yet again, you risk some cash while betting on top of the reasonable data expenditure.

Secondly, the user interface quality just goes way past most of the competing company’s software. Navigating through the bookmaker’s pages, markets, icons and other features has never been a challenge as all icons and options are visible within the App.

And unlike the website, it has an impressive grouping of its attributes so saving on time one requires to spot an element they need. You can also use the search bar and hit up at any features of your choice.

  1. This Mobile App also has a high loading speed; thus, no delays or errors experienced when opening the App and accessing its elements unless there is a network issue on your mobile phone.
  2. Finally, we can feature the compatibility benefit. If you are worried about the integrating of this Mobile Application with the technology in your device, eliminate the doubts. The App fits perfectly in every android device.

Although there are no real bonuses or promotions associated with this bookmaker, using the Mobile App gives your betting venture a new face of success, fast bet placing, and notifications whenever the company has vital information to communicate. That instils the business orientation into your investing, which every punter would like.

Pari Match Website Categories on mobile

At Pari Match bookmaker, there are two website versions. People confuse the Lite Mobile version to be the mobile website, but both versions are all meant for use over a phone. There is no reported Pari Match desktop website; it’s only that the SmartPhone version opens on PCs too.

  • Lite website

The Lite website is the most efficient version of this betting site’s mobile website versions. The features seem compressed, and only the essential elements are available within this site.

parimatch lite

There is nothing to worry about since with the Lite version, you can register an account, you can log in to use any Pari Match online betting resources, you can access bonuses and promotion offers, you can load the Pari Match App tz, and interestingly, one can switch from this version to the smartphone/Tablet version effortlessly.

So with this bookie, you pick what works for you in the best way possible; for instance, if your phone internet connection is too low, you go the Lite mobile site way otherwise for better experience and performance use the Smartphone website version.

  • Normal website

The Smartphone/Tablet version is valued as the main text of the company’s website with integration capacities to desktop devices too. This site provides a platform on which you get all resources basic and premium for a newbie, average, and pro punters.

parimatch mobilThis version is the most recommendable Pari Match website as it performs well via any phone device and tablets. That’s based on the fact that the site is for mobile devices; thus, its integration when visiting different entities of this website on your phone is expected to be at its best.

Features within the applications

The App seems like a real duplicate of the bookie’s Smartphone website. Every feature matches perfectly; the slide banners, market layout, a menu option at the top left, and also the content of this menu as well as that of the entire site.

The linguistic element perfectly fits the Tanzanian market, considering that most nationals are Kiswahili speakers, but you can still adjust the language using the language option available within the App’s menu section.

parimatch languages

The App resources are well arranged to make them easy to get to; the most sought elements which entail the App, jackpot, customer support contacts, and others are displayed at the top menu in a slide format.

Color orientation within this bookmaker is eye-catching, adopting a theme of mixed textures; black, green, purple, white, orange and yellow. Therefore the app is highly attractive thus increasing comfort in the course of betting with this betting site.

Available Wager Options

Using Mobile Applications, punters can access all markets availed by this bookie. Bet in sports and virtual betting games at ease; one is able to venture in all bet types and bet options they prefer.

Live betting also takes a key position in the general betting options users have.

parimatch live

Once you access the betting site, you will come across the list of live games you can bet on, and for you to go to the prematch betting options, it is availed on the side menu section.

Comparison between application VS website

The App matches the mobile version in all dimensions, with the exception of speed performance and more uncomplicated navigation capacities.

You will rarely notice any difference when it comes to the layout of the general elements within the two Applications.

Supported Devices

Pari Match betting company technology supports both android and iOS devices/. These are the two operating systems in the phones used by customers, but some may be using different methods, which means that their accessing of the App is not possible.

However, Linux, blackberry or any other device users can still bet with this great site using the mobile site version and not the App.

Mobile Bonuses

This is the feature lagging Pari Match’s performance quite behind the competing betting sites in Tanzania.

There is nothing much to show when it comes to the bookie’s promotional and bonus offers, and more specifically, there are no mobile bonuses by this bookie. In the event of a promo, it applies uniformly across all betting platforms thus not Applicable terming it as a mobile-only promo.

The general promo provision level by this betting site is below average, and maybe that leaves room for improvement in the near future if the company wants to uphold its relevance in this highly competitive industry.

Payment methods on mobile phones

Cash transfer methods allowed by the betting site are quite a variety. It beats some of the local and well-recognized betting brands in Tanzania.

These payment systems cover all ways a punter may want to transfer money through since they are widely used and mostly the leading mobile money transfer systems.

parimatch payout

Here is the updated list of payment methods authorized and supported by Pari Match betting site;

  • Tigo Pesa
  • Vodacom
  • Airtel Money and,
  • The Halopesan services


  Can I load this app in the Google Play Store?

This Mobile App is availed in apk format within the betting site home page, which should be in a banner at the slide section. At Google play store, you will just come across unrecognized Apps developed by tipsters and other spam Apps you shouldn’t bother going for.

  Is it possible to use a Blackberry phone when accessing Pari Match?

No; only iOS and Android device users can access and enjoy the features of this App

  I’m using an iPod Touch. Can I load the iOS Pari Match App?

Use the iOS loading procedure, as illustrated in this review, and you will get this App in the shortest time possible.

  For what reason do users need to adjust security settings on their Android phones?

Android devices are programmed only to accept Apps from the Google Play store, and that’s where all trusted Android apks could be sought. So one has to change device settings and allow the installation of apps from apk sources in this scenario since the PariMatch android apk isn’t hosted.

  What is in-play betting?

This is betting involving the wagering on matches that are already in play mode. Players can play on games after their kickoff with the Pari Match betting site where a broad scope of them is hosted.

  How do I verify my account?

To verify your account, fill in the availed form during registration, and submit for verification.


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