As digital gambling continues to gain traction all around the world, Africa is gradually assuming the position of a betting hub. The reason isn't far-fetched as such because many foreign online-based gambling outfits are latching onto Africa's youthful demography. Not only that, there are established government institutions saddled with the responsibility of regulating and also sanctioning gambling platforms for various issues. In the course of our review, we are set out to look into the activities of Mojabet Tanzania, with the aim of touching different aspects of the platform.

As a sportsbook, it has one of the best elegant designs of betting sites serving the Tanzanian market. It’s traditionally decorated with a warm navy-blue background colour, while the central wagering segment is largely adorned in white background but lightly bordered by few shades of light grey colours. The User Interface is richly made tidy with intuitive and strategic page structure wherein page elements of www mojabet co tz are well integrated to serve Tanzanian players.


Nevertheless, bookie’s platform is entirely divided into 5 segments. The first being it’s uppermost man menu, which is further partitioned into upper segment housing sportsbook’s official logo, sign-in and registration areas, and language change portion. The lower segment of the same main menu is differentiated with a navy-blue background, houses principal gaming features like Moja sports, pool betting, insta lotto, Pick 3, Chance Games; and Casino Games.

Whereas, directly beneath this segment is the bookie’s central wagering area; although, you’d first find an interactive ads dashboard where every available promo is featured, before you find mojabet co tz betting area showcasing top-flight football league tabs to choose from and beneath is the world of every imaginable football event hosted on the platform for staking.

Looking to the extreme left of bookie’s page, you’d find a column containing every gaming event provided on the platform over 30 gaming events including non-sporting events like politics.

On the extreme right side of the oddsmaker’s sports homepage, you’d find that several complementary tools and features of that Tanzanian bettors use to engage in wagering, for instance, you’d find betslip, odds format changer, bet calculator, live info, live TV, booked bets, bet-checker; and express generator. homepage’s lowest limits bears the various weblinks that when tapped redirects punters to any specific one which they have chosen. On this segment you’d find links to contacting bookie’s client service team, promotions, terms and conditions, plus privacy policy and other essential wagering information. For news and other information about the bookie would you find such as Newsletter, Subscribe, News and Articles; and many more.

Mojabet Bonuses & Promotions

Mojabet tz strategised to find a spot where gamesters could conveniently set its weblink to access the promo section available on its platform. This is located on the last segment of its homepage. You can find this link appear as text link in white, and sandwiched between Winners and Jackpots under an overarching heading called LATEST.

mojabet promotions

As soon this weblink is pressed, the punter is ushered into a new webpage where a few promos are domiciled.

mojabet bonuses

It might come as unfortunate news to punting patrons trying out other platforms; who may step into Mojabet just to realise they are not going to enjoy much freebies to encourage or spice up their betting hunger. Also, the promo showcased in this given webpage has all its instructional language written in Swahili, making it hard for foreign bettors to partake. Albeit, the platform is tailored exclusively to serve Tanzanians.

mojabet jackpot

Moreso, www mojabet co tz offers lucrative jackpots that gratifies staunch players with humongous amounts of cash prizes on Mondays (for Instamoja Jackpot – to win 8 million Tanzanian Shillings) and Thursdays (for Mojaspesho – to win over 50 million Tanzanian Shillings).

Mojabet Deposits & Withdrawals

On mojabet Tanzania, there are a few notable mobile-enabled payment systems exclusively meant for the Tanzanians; and this is the norm mostly in East African countries. These systems are very fast and seamless and don’t need use of credit card or any other traditional payment mean adopted by other sports wagering platform.

Therefore, Mobile telecoms providers serve as anchor mobile payment third-parties that ensure smooth betting money transactions between player and Mojabet. However, the following systems serve dual purposes for Tanzanian players which ensure delivery for cash lodgment and cashout: Vodacom via MPESA; Airtel via Airtel Money; Tigo via TigoPesa; and Halotel via Halotel via HaloPesa. Mobile transactions accrue some tax deductions payable by punters during cashout.

Mojabet Sports Available

As earlier stated, there are over 30 events (both sporting and non-sporting) which are available on this platform for wagering. As a matter of fact, football has the largest known betting market on every digital gambling platform and mojabet tz wouldn’t be an exception. This is due to the encompassing top-flight football leagues that provide sufficient betting choices. Though normally, Tanzanian bettors are fixated on English league and other European leagues which give value for money.

Moreso, there are other lucrative sporting categories that started gaining fan base all around the world, like eSports, where players wager on certain egames, virtuals – simulation of sporting events within smaller time frames; politics; formular 1, motoGP, golf, darts, rugby, and other wonderful gambling opportunities that afford much value per stake with complementary odds and odds markets accessible on www mojabet co tz.

mojabet sports

There’s option of playing casino games, pool betting, chance games, pick 3, lotto and jackpots.Though, the casino games are just few, but they are engrossing when tried.

mojabet casino

Mojabet Bet Types offers three betting types as it's what obtains on other betting platforms in Tanzania. These bet types are as follows: Single bets - this entail making stakes on single games or events; multi-bets - entail making stakes on a streak of predetermined picks of events or games; and finally, accumulator bets - entail making stakes on multi-selection of events.

mojabet bet types

All these wagering types are what's in vogue especially on football games; but, as well could involve a combo of other unrelated events, though the workability of such is the exclusive preserve of the gambling outfit.

Mojabet Security &Operational License

In terms of security, mojabet co tz has what it takes to defy the odds. All online gambling platforms face a common challenge which is hinged on security and safety of player data and financial transaction in respect of wagering. Any platform without a well and fully guarded cyber-security mesh would be prey to phishing, hacker attacks and other forms of compromises; which could even come from within. In this regard, the oddsmaker’s platform is well-engineered and manned by a dedicated team of indigenous cyber-security experts who oversee the daily running of both internal and external activities on the sportsbook. Albeit, the sportsbook, never made mention of its security network and other vital tools it deploys, we consider it a security strategy as well.

Mojabet has a rigid privacy policy and terms and conditions which players are obliged to abide by in order to integrate a sense of cautions and responsibility required for responsible gaming. There are other special provisions as well, which we couldn’t cover under this section. Moreso, the bookie’s operations is guaranteed due to the issuance of gambling operational license by Tanzanian gambling regulatory board – an institution of government that sets the rules for every foreign and local gambling outfit on Tanzanian soil.

Client Services on Mojabet

As part of its standard operational procedure, mojabet Tanzania also established a hospitable outlet, though online, that caters for numerous needs of players while they play on the platform. As we all know how technical problems arise and sometimes glitches and errors.

mojabet support

The client services channels established by the sportsbook cater for such problems. There is a standby online chat service, query form, and WhatsApp lines. Tanzanian players should be mindful of the fact that mojabet tz has official working hours within which gamers can reach them.

Mojabet mobile app

This aspect of bookie’s review is the most crucial and unfortunately, it highlights the downside of oddsmaker’s long wait in developing a wagering app which could be deployed on the major mobile operating systems in use today. Though some deep searches were made to confirm; but every effort returned negative. This clearly shows the lacuna left behind by mojabet Tanzania.

Merits & Demerits

Every bookmaking platform has its own peculiar downside. There’s none that is totally perfect, but when it comes to www mojabet co tz, you could pick up a few or modest insights why it’s amongst the best in Tanzania.

Merits are just distinguishing attributes that gives this bookmaker wide acceptance: availability of ample gaming portfolio; responsive customer rep team; good rewarding jackpots; efficient indigenous payment solutions catering for deposits and withdrawals; elegant user interface; and operational integrity.

In respect of demerits (bad attributes),the bookie has insufficient number of casino games; absence of wagering apps; absence of live streaming facilities; grossly insufficient promos and bonuses for deserving gamesters; etc.

Mojabet conclusion

In summary, we can categorically draw to a reasonable conclusion about bookie’s overall assessment, that it’s a traditional gaming platform with 100% absolute Tanzanian gaming taste. This is good for the capturing the local population of gamers who prefer what’s their own.

Though there are some lacunas we have registered but highlighted under merits and demerits; nevertheless, www mojabet co tz is uniquely Tanzanian with a prospect for growth and competition towards advanced service delivery.


  How operationally legitimate is the bookmaker?

Bookie’s operations are legal and they are issued operational license by the government.

  Is there any Welcome Bonus for new gamesters?

Unfortunately, this isn’t so; but they supplemented it with lucrative jackpots games.

  Is it possible to deposit with BTC on the platform for staking?

No, only local payment solutions are enabled.

  How possible is payout on Mojabet?

You can use same deposit methods for payouts.

  What’s the duration of processing payout?


  Is bookie’s client’s support team responsive?

Yes, but they have working hours.