The app revolution is sweeping the entire betting ecosystem and this seems not to whittle down so soon due to the increased onslaught of technology and innovation inherent in the betting sector since the turn of the 21st century. A lot has been on the frontburner, especially with regards to how to better render betting services with more improvements and remodification of its products likewise. These issues have become germane in shaping the future and profitability of gaming all around the world.

However, in Tanzania, there’s massive mushrooming of online gambling outfits, though largely foreign, but we’ve seen also how local betting sites are emerging, for instance Mojabet. Why it’s worthy of mention is because of its seriousness among others albeit it’s yet to develop mojabet app for use. From our standpoint, this shouldn’t be an excuse in the sense that there are numerous ways every competitive gambling enterprise should try to find ingenious ways of beating others.

mojabet app

In the world of betting apps, there are 2 major mobile operating systems that serve as platforms on which every gambling app is seated. In fact, every app developer tailor the technical specifics of gambling apps built to be compatible with either iOS or Android or both at same time. In the case of the sportsbook under review, there seem to be none at the moment, though we envisage that a moja bet app could be in the works and afterwards be readily available soon.

Mojabet App for Android and iOS

As a matter of fact, the Tanzanian gambling sector is thriving and the battle for customer retention and loyalty keep becoming nightmarish for online gambling companies who have decided to serve the local Tanzanian market. In this regard, our perspective on the market thrusts made by the bookie under review is that they have something in the works, which shall be unveiled soon.

Though, we have some kind of disappointing news regarding the non-availability of bookie’s apps for either iOS or Android-supported mobile phone users in Tanzania. This is quite a challenge, but it could be surmounted as soon as possible; and we hope that punting clients who are left to use the mobile web version of oddsmaker’s site would soon be glad to appreciate mojabet app download.

Mobile site version review

We all know that mobile web editions of any site is just something complementary in most cases; but it could serve a dual purpose in the sense that in the absence of apps people could still use them to access any particular web domain. This is the case of Mojabet domain. Due to non-availability of mojabet app, what obtains is either using the main domain via desktop or its mobile web edition for wagering.

mojabet mobile

The main issue here is that for effective use of bookie’s mobile web domain on any smartphone or old mobile phone, the mobile web browser on such designated phone should be optimised due to the complexity of bookie’s mobile web. However, every mobile web domain is always a miniature edition of the principal site in every ramification. Though, the difference is in the user interface which is not as richly compact as is on the sportsbook’s main website. Also, the arrangement of features is tidier on bookie’s mobile web version; and this shares semblance with moja bet app.

We would like to mention importantly herein that most frustrated players have resorted to seeking other alternative means of having unofficial Android app built for the bookie. We identified a few unofficial apk. file formats from various questionable sources; which are slated as moja bet app download.So, we’d urge players Tanzanian players to be patient pending when the official app is unveiled or launched.

Differences between mobile app and mobile site version

The common known sharp contrast existing between bookie’s mobile app and its mobile web is simply that one is downloaded while the other isn’t. However, going further into differentiating between both, you’d also realise that sportsbook’s mobile web is in existence while its app isn’t. But, one thing is seemingly valued; the mobile web version has provided succour to many players whose fixation on this online gambling platform is unwaveringly maintained.

Moreso, since it’s impossible to embark on mojabet app download, the mobile site fills the lacuna and also renders the following advantages to users: there’s no iota of lag; no bug fixes experienced; webpages loads faster; it doesn’t consume any space; presence of every feature as is on its principal site; the mobile web is accessible by both old and latest smartphones.

Mojabet mobile sports betting

When it comes to portfolio of sporting events available for wagering on the platform, there are over 30 known events available. This gives punters an advantage in respect of settling for staking choices that brings desired returns for their wagers.

Therefore, the popular events that catch the fancy of bettors on this platform is football, basketball, and tennis. This is because these events enjoy global coverage whenever they are in-play; but football is the largest sporting event with numerous staking opportunities straddling top-flight international, continental and league tournaments. Besides this, there are other events that are cut in-between sporting and non-sporting events making up it gaming portfolio, these events include: politics, casino, eSports, darts, baseball, rugby, golf, boxing, motorsports – car and motorbike racing; and a host of others too numerous to mention. Albeit, there’s no mojabet app download any player can use the mobile web domain.

mojabet mobile sports

Also, we need to mention that the wagering odds and its accompanying odds market are impressive, hence, implying why many Tanzanians are still fixated on the site for wagering. Players can enjoy both pre-game and in-play wagering. The main catch is the in-play wagering wherein players wagering on dynamic odds (the odds change in relation to the goings-on of the game; meaning that odds could appreciate of depreciate at intervals). The jackpot games are also a catch because it promises millions of Tanzanian Shillings in prize for any lucking winner.

Mobile payment methods

On Mojabet’s mobile platform, every player is allowed to make use of a few enabled payment options tailored or exclusively dedicated to Tanzanian punters because these payment solutions are purely Tanzanian because they the platform is solely meant for local bettors.

Therefore, these payment options are exclusively carried out thru mobile payment systems within Tanzania. However, the following payments systems are used for both deposit and withdrawal as well, namely; Airtel - Airtel Money; Halotel - HaloPesa Vodacom - MPESA; and Tigo – TigoPesa. Please note, that these payment solutions are accessible only via bokkie’s web domain and mobile web for; though it’s expected that as soon moja bet app comes on stream for use, these payment system would be actually useful and more convenient.

App Features

On this subject, we were unable to factually pin-point anything that has to do with features of mojabet app because the oddsmaker is yet to develop a wagering app for her customers. This remains one of the drawbacks encountered by players who use the platform.


  Has bookie’s app failed to work?

Unfortunately, there’s no option for mojabet app download yet.

  How to withdraw money from your mobile Mojabet?

You ought to have an existing account with any of the mobile payment solutions as earlier highlighted in the course of the app review.

  Does the app Mojabet exist?

Not yet, but being considered for development by the sportsbook.