Having access to mkekabet login should be a big deal to any Tanzanian owning their accounts in this bookmaker. With a perfect selection of what to include on their platform, the company has managed to gain popularity and loyalty amongst users.

 mkekabet registration

In terms of business, this company will definitely make you love your virtual office; which is your company wallet. That’s because users are assured of productive days every moment they log in mkekabet. To go to your portfolio, users can do so through the mobile site, desktop site and mobile app for android.

Sign in on the desktop:

 mkekabet login

It can be viewed as the best mkeka bet login method, which features very few steps. All you need is to enter the bookie web, and proceed with these steps;

  1. You will need to find the bookie website here
  2. At the top, there should be two spaces left for you to fill in your login details
  3. Alternatively, one can also access the register window directly at mkeka bet log in
  4. From step two and three above, we need you to fill your details
  5. And, finally, tap the “Login” tab to get access.

Mkekabet log in mobile site:

This is a quite easy mkekabet login tz method too, but the steps are a little bit more than the desktop case.

  • Access the mkeka website here
  • At the top of the homepage, find the “Login” icon

 mkekabet mobile login

  • Tap the option mentioned above
  • A sidebar should emanate with the necessary fields
  • Enter details accordingly

 mkekabet mobile registration

  • Now hit the “Login” button and get started

Use Mkeka mobile app:

  1. First, get the app and download it. This should be possible through the oddsetter’s app window here
  2. Now launch/open the application
  3. Locate the login tab
  4. Enter your details
  5. Hit the sign in button and access your account

How to Register on Mkekabet Tanzania step-by-step

If you love decency, modernity and everything to do with the latest tech trends, mkekabet registration is your only way. Find mature and respectable betting platforms with a USSD functionality attached to reach users, not on a smartphone.

Do you know, you can always find Mkekabet sign up for this firm without going for any online links? Now, this is how you can easily enrol on a simple phone, with less of a struggle.

Mkekabet register via SMS:

The universal mkekabet SMS operations code is 15739. Therefore, to generate your new and free profile, text “MKEKABET” to the mentioned USSD code.

Via deposit:

  1. Dial either: *150*00#, *150*01# or *150*02# to generate the payment menu for Tigo Pesa, Vodacom or Airtel Money respectively
  2. In the resulting windows, be sure to use 238844 as the pay bill number
  3. Then enter the business number 12345 or MKEKA
  4. An SMS will be sent to your phone with a pin, and the paying contact shall remain to be your username

How do I Bet Online

Online wagering should be done through any of the bookmaker platforms, be it the website or mobile app. To go through with this procedure,

  1. Sign in your oddsetter profile here
  2. Using the availed menus and search button, find the event you wish to play on
  3. Add your selection to the bet slip by tapping it
  4. Specify stake amount
  5. Finalize by booking your ticket

How do I place a Single Bet on SMS

You just need to SMS the game ID, selection, and amount to the company message code 15739. This should be the format:

BET GameID#prediction#stake


  How do I top up my mkekabet account?

Through any of the authorized payment channels at the firm

  How do I bet online mkekabet?

Follow the provided instructions in this guide while on any of the bookie online portals

  How do I place a single bet on SMS mkekabet?

Use the format highlighted in the review

  How do I reset my pin mkekabet?

  1. Find the mkeka login window here
  2. You should see a “reset pin” option
  3. Tap it
  4. In the resulting window provide your number
  5. The pin will be reset after you authorize the “Reset Pin” button


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