As they stretch from Kenya to Tanzania, mCheza has remained compact, with the old assurance policies and a great strategy of making sure that every resource can be accessed from them.

Sometimes it is not about the misery of always struggling to get it right with this bookie because they avail great platforms through which you can learn and bet like a professional. Therefore, it is viewed by many as a fantastic company ready to trigger your prowess and turn you to be the great player you should be.


Another rare aspect offered by this bookie is the comfort of accessing, navigating, and using their websites and applications. Just look at the display; graphics used here are no joke, and if you have a soft spot for colour theme attractiveness, the fun will be all yours.

The company websites and all systems are owned by Acumen Communications Limited, which is authorized to operate in Tanzania under license number: 000488.

Here are some of the features you should be ready to come by whenever you choose mCheza bet as your leading company:

  1. A pleasant user interface making the desktop and mobile site usability awesome
  2. Exemplary layout and display. The structural icon location is outstanding, as the bookie site structure makes it clear for anyone with navigation issues.
  3. The market's variety is perfect for newbie and average bettors.
  4. Optimized performance. The bookie systems meet all standards expected from a diversified company and thus why you expect minimal or no errors at all when you are interacting with their operations.

This bookie has remained relevant in the market despite all challenges encountered, and that can be attributed to its large customer base. In other words, it is a loyal bookie, so they tend to get loyal customers in return.

On market coverage, sports is the main money-making field hosted with other customized and specialized markets, all involving sporting activities. For instance, live wagering, mCheza jackpot, and the virtual leagues are all sports but regrouped, and some like the virtual gaming adjusted technologically to make the gameplay computer-driven.

Nevertheless, their odds quality and feature access ease is already a boom at mCheza with the customer needs basically in preference at all times.

Pros and Cons

It is an average bookie given the fact that competition is making survival in the industry a real challenge. In Tanganyika, we have international sites like 1x bet, bet way, betwinner, and others; hence, it is unimaginable of mCheza beating them in terms of service delivery and quality levels.

Despite the tight race to salvage customers from the market, mCheza has maintained its shape and proceeded to offer its services uniquely, meeting all client expectations and, most importantly, always being available to sort issues raised by users. Some of the benefits we can associate with this bookie are:

  1. Decent odds
  2. Easy navigations
  3. Great colour selection
  4. The layout on desktop and mobile websites meets the standards as well
  5. Markets variety with thousands availed each day
  6. Variety of money transfer channels
  7. Customer support services by this bookie are outstanding
  8. Fast pay

We may not have the capacity to list every single positive aspect offered at m cheza. Still, it should be evident to you that there are many positive remarks we can make about this bookie.

However, no bookie has ever been entirely perfect in the current industry as, at times, some features tend to be insufficient, systems may fail, and all of that is normal. Some of the shortcomings witnessed at M-Cheza are:

  1. No mobile application for Tanzanian players
  2. Odds are of average quality
  3. They have no casino or live casino markets
  4. This Tanzanian version is missing out on many features

What the Tanzanian brand offers may be short of many features in the Kenyan version. For instance, if you need the bookie mobile apk you can get it from the Kenyan version.

At the same time, there is no application hosted within the Tanzanian site. However, this is a pure company that will give you a moderately overwhelming user experience in all aspects of your gambling life.

mCheza Promotions

It is quite unfortunate to note that there are no promotional or bonus features. The bookie seems to have taken the traditional approach on that since, in the current age, companies with no bonuses rarely make it to the top.

The only resource that can be termed to be promotional is the jackpot bet offer where users are allowed to win millions from a straightforward wager with a low stake. Unfortunately, the Tanzanian brand is again missing out on the promotional features. The Kenyan brand has an accumulator offer, but it is still not any good for users seeking to bank a few rewards in a bid to boost their career.

The promotions feature missing means that the bookie is competing through its simplicity, odds and other aspects that may keep players close.

mCheza Bonus Offers

Since this an established company and already manning a significant share of the market, we expect at least a profiting reward system where new users are rewarded. At the same time, loyal bettors also get motivated.

However, that will not be happening, and it is hard to tell the reason behind the company's decision to stay out of the bonus deals as they work magically in keeping users. It is not a dry experience, but it is unsatisfactory if you love rolling out the gifts. They are, however, offering the best in terms of usability optimization, and we can appreciate their service levels despite the lacking features.

You can, however, embrace the old school nature of this site, prepare your tickets and play to win: the most remarkable thing about this firm is that you get paid instantly.

Registration in MCheza

To enjoy the mCheza sportsbook, virtual gaming, live wagering, and other markets as well as resources from this bookie, you need to have an account.

 mcheza registration

MCheza sign up is not the most challenging thing you will ever come across; actually, it is a one-minute procedure. The real job users should be ready for in any online wagering venture is predicting to win. It is never simple; you cannot randomly make pick s and expect the investment to turn out fruitful in the end.

That's why you need this as your primary bookie, considering that users should not be tolerating frustrations from the system's side since you will need to put all your brains behind the bet creation. To create a mCheza account, you can rely on the mobile website of the desktop website as well.

Desktop sign up:

  • Begin by finding the bookie page at
  • On your top right, you can see the "My Account" option

 mcheza login

  • Tap the register text underneath the option mentioned at step 2 above

 mcheza register

  • Enter details as per each respective availed space

 mcheza sign up

  • Proceed to click the "signup" button at the bottom of this pane
  • You can now sign in and start interacting with mCheza markets and resources

Mobile site signup:

  • On your phone, proceed to the bookmaker website here
  • At the top-right position, find a profile icon and tap it

 mcheza mobile registration

  • In the resulting popup, you should see the register option
  • Proceed to access the enrollment pane

 mcheza mobile register

  • Insert all your details accordingly

 mcheza mobile sign up

  • Finally submit the details, and an account will be allocated to you

It would be recommendable for all new users to provide the right details and also make sure that you have permission to gain all privileges given by the bookie.

Virtual Sports and Virtual Betting

Virtual games avail another essential aspect of successful mCheza winners within Tanzania. These are electronically controlled versions of the real teams, players, and leagues in the world.

 mcheza sports

The good thing about the virtual market is that users win in a matter of minutes, and your bets get settled immediately. The company has covered several virtual avenues:

  • Esports
  • Soccer
  • Horse Racing
  • Dog games

How to deposit and withdraw

You will need to have some cash in the company wallet for you to unlock the ticket booking feature. This shoud be done by depositing through any of these methods:

Tigo Pesa:

 mcheza tigo pesa

  1. Dial *150*01# to avail the payment menu
  2. Choose "kulipia bill/pay bill."
  3. Enter the company number: 356688
  4. Enter the registered number
  5. Specify amount
  6. Provide your pin and send request

Vodacom Mpesa:

 mcheza vodacom

  1. Dial *150*00#
  2. Choose pay bill
  3. Enter company business number: 356688
  4. Provide the reference number
  5. Enter amount
  6. Key in your pin
  7. Finally submit the transaction request for processing

mCheza Mobile App for Android or iPhone

There has been a lack of clarity concerning the availability of their app in Tanzania. There is no application attached to the Tanzanian systems, while the brand operates through the mobile site version instead.

The mobile site works perfectly well too, and although you will have no access to a mobile apk, you still stand a chance to play with their well-optimized and up to date websites.


  Which Sports and Events are offered for betting mCheza?

The main events for this opening are:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • E-sports
  • Golf
  • Table Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Rugby union
  • Snooker
  • Ice Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Cycling
  • Inplay

  How do you place a bet?

  1. Find your event
  2. Look for the option/s you need and tap them
  3. Go to the bet slip and enter the stake amount
  4. Tap "Place Bet"

  Is this a Reliable bookie?

Yes it is highly reliable


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