The moment you look at feedbacks on most bookies in Tanzania, you will realize how big and loved the m bet Tanzania is. As users criticize other bookies for failing to meet their expectations, they have constantly referred their fellow countrymen to the popular m bet tz.

But what makes this bookie so great? It should undoubtedly be the quality, simplicity, and ability to meet the aspects every punter is seeking. You don’t just earn money on mbet platforms, but its big money earned in a fun way. So is more of the m bet Tanzania bringing the game closer to its customers with all the fun inside.


We cannot take the stand that m bet is the over game for everyone, but it is excellent for anyone willing to make some extra coins in a leisurely manner. People always have this worry of whether one can be rich from mbet betting, which can be responded to in that, yes! You can make millions from betting if you do so at m-bet tz.

In the effort to cover the less fortunate willing punters, mbet has made it easy to place wagers even when not with an internet connection. The device you use in betting must not be a smartphone as it is with other bookies. One can easily enroll, place bets, and access all operations by using the SMS system. Consequently, it is undoubtedly clear that you need minimal effort and time to enjoy yourself at m-bet Tanzania as you, of course, win big

m bet pros and cons

Mbet Tanzania is a sports-only bookie and may lack one or two features that users find engaging to operate with.


On the brighter side, every sports fan may have little critic to offer on the mbet’s performance because they have that covered well. In a nutshell, let’s have a view of the m Bet Tanzania online benefits and related shortcomings.

This is an established brand in Tanzania, and users are assured of getting great stuff like:

  1. An optimized mbet football market
  2. Numerous mbet promotions
  3. Reliable m bet customer help
  4. Popular mbet payment methods (Airtel and Halo pesa)
  5. Guaranteed fast pay
  6. Exemplary user interface
  7. M-bet mobile application

However, there are several downs about this company that may affect a few punters, although they may seem irrelevant to some users:

  1. Lack of an iOS mbet app
  2. No mbet casino market
  3. Not great graphics

M bet Promos and Bonuses

They have two bonuses which are well thumped up for being of help in boosting player’s morale and driving new customers to the company.

 mbet bonus

The two m bet gifts are:

  1. M bet loyalty bonus: This is a reward targeting new customers and existing ones with a high betting frequency record. You just need to play your ten consecutive tickets in which you spend Tsh.10000 and earn a Tsh.1000 gift. The fun part about this offer is that there are no odd limits and any rules apart from the ten tickets requirement in which you spend the aforementioned amount. This remains a directly free opportunity for all customers, and you need to register here to be part of the next bankers of the free cash.
  2. M bet referral bonus: Let’s call this the mother of all bonuses. Tsh.2000 for every friend you refer and you can go up to 10? But, there are a few requirements you must meet to qualify. First, tell your friend to go to and fill in your number during registration. The last rule is that the friend plays with at least Tsh.5000, and then you will get the reward instantly.

Mbet desktop Site review

Taking a closer look at the mbet website, it is evident that punters will come across no trouble at all with the system performance. Their layout and feature arrangement are indescribable, with unimaginable offers coming your way.

As if that is not enough, the company has gone beyond our expectations of availing extensive market coverage. You have thousands of real cash generating events to pick on, and therefore there is no excuse for anyone failing to bank it all. The desktop site provides accessible feature location with the color theme, icon sizes, and display good enough for you to see and understand all elements hosted within this mbet site version.

It seems a great deal when you consider that every button redirecting to different pages and features is included within the front page. Users are never made to navigate through menus or search for hidden features thanks to the search bar on the mbet tz desktop site.

M bet Sports: The Offer

Being an exclusive sports site, mbet have thrown all the weight behind nurturing and uplifting this market.

 m-bet offer

They only offer football betting as the only sport featured even in mbet live betting activities. The arrangement of football events is what puts the company in a position to provide a smoothened betting experience.

M bet Types of Bets

There are a good number of mbet bet types available for the sole market (football). Some of the bet types you can enjoy are:

  1. Single bets
  2. Multiple bets
  3. Chain bets
  4. Doubles
  5. Trebles

M bet Football Betting

You don’t seek m bet’s service lest you are a diehard football lover and follower. It is a pure football walk in which users are given the opportunity to convert their leisure soccer watching moments to critical money-making time.

 mbet football

This is an excellent way to test your abilities and foretell outcomes of your favorite clubs as you face the fierce opponents. Play with no limits, then have m bet to thank after you have predicted successfully and won.

M bet Live Streaming and Betting

Mbet Live betting is a more straightforward way of making football predictions as you make selections based on real-time analysis.

Stand out from the struggling crowd with your prowess in live wagering by making sure that you follow your events keenly. There are no m bet tickets for live streaming events, and thus you need to follow your event live from a TV or live stream online.

Mbet Casino

There are no casino markets in store

Mbet multiply betting

This is a bet on several events; that should be two or more selections within the same mbet bet slip. On the m-bet case, multiply bet involves accumulators, chains, trebles doubles, and any other slip a punter makes with 2+ events in it.

The idea behind this approach is to increase the odds amount and thus boost your possible win. You can create as many multiply bets as possible from this company’s football market.

Mbet fixtures

These have a special arrangement within the oddsetter’s platforms, and they cover the current day in addition to the other days of the week. The m bet fixtures are also categorized into countries and leagues amongst different groupings meant to make your event finding easy. Get the best mbet football and m bet handicap fixtures within your convenience here.

Mbet payments and Withdrawals

 m bet payments

Conduct your transactions easily and quickly using any of the four main m-bet tz payment systems:

  1. Vodacom M-Pesa
  2. Tigo Pesa
  3. Airtel Money
  4. Halo Pesa

M bet Online Rules

  1. All registered members must be 18+ years old
  2. By visiting any mbet tz platforms, you agree to abide by the rules
  3. The customer is responsible for ensuring the correctness of a bet details
  4. By depositing money at M-Bet Tanzania, you do so with the sole purpose of betting

M bet registration: How to open an account

 mbet registration

This is a few steps procedure which should take new users a short time:

  1. Find the mbet registration page here
  2. Fill in the information required in the availed fields
  3. Tap “Register the new account.”

M bet mobile App

Why would you use the mbet App:

  1. It is fast
  2. The App is cost-effective
  3. Its layout promotes navigation ease
  4. Gives you a better betting experience


  How can I get started betting on sports mbet?

Register for a free account here

  How do I choose my mbet ticket selections?

Analyze your predictions and choose by tapping them

  How do I check ticket m bet?

Go to your bets history and access the m bet check tickets function easily

  Should I ever pay for sports betting m bet ticket?

Not at all

  Is it safe to do sports betting online mbet?


  How do I get started betting on sports for real money mbet?

Create an account at mbet Tanzania


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