The number of citizens accessing online services has grown in recent years as technological advancement tables a new way of life for Tanzanians. Based on these developments, the Biko sports betting world has experienced rapid changes as well. A myriad of companies has been established by local investors while international bookies eye the growing markets.

Consequently, we have had bookmakers from all over the world seek to get licensed and start offering online betting and tech solutions to the residents.

Biko sport tz has been a great deal in the current competition and considering that they kicked off their operations late, so far, they are perceived to be great. With an excellent display of products within their well laid out platforms, a good number of online bettors are turning to Bikosport in the chase for prosperity.


Let’s focus on the general feature composition and the operational prowess Bikosport Tanzania has been able to provide so far. Users can interact with the company systems on mobile and desktop devices with the main applications facilitating this being; a desktop site, a mobile site, and the Biko sport app.

They are all well optimized and structured to make feature access as simple as you can imagine. Everyone needs that great Biko sport bet environment for them to be able to bet conveniently.

You cannot expect to play with firms hosting faulty platforms and focus on your predictions. All Biko sports Tanzania features are designed using advanced technology. Therefore that ensures that users only worries about the outcome of their investment and not system issues.

How about the graphics and usability? Bikosport tz graphics are beyond description as they are attractive and can easily capture a visitor’s attention. Some users have that undeniable taste for colourful platforms and excellent user interfaces.

Biko sport co TZ is the ultimate hub in systems usability. The website speed and placing of icons take a distinctive approach where you will not need a second to locate whichever buttons or pages you are looking for.

All the Bikosports betting platforms have their content conveyed in Swahili, which is an appropriate choice considering that we have most of our population having Swahili speakers.

Biko Sport Tanzania pros and cons

Here are some of the popular features you should look forward to depending a lot on when building up your account that’s in the essence of making more profits:

  1. Best odds
  2. Live betting capabilities that should go a long way to improve your wagering accuracy
  3. Hybrid mobile application
  4. A variety of payments channels
  5. A fantastic customer help desk
  6. Elaborate platforms with a comfortable layout, hence the location of features is effortless
  7. Different betting options and thousands of Bikosport tz markets

On the other hand, the company has some shortcomings which are not related to the system performance though. The main cons entail lacking particular quality features and markets which a good number of users would assuredly love to have. Some of these are:

  1. There is no Biko sports iOS app. Not every app betting lover is on android handsets. Therefore iPhone users are falling short of the excellent apk experience from this bookmaker
  2. Limited Biko market coverage: This is an exclusive sports services bookie with no virtual or casino products.
  3. Lack of bonuses: That dry experience users tend to have in the course of investing their hard-earned money is not wanted anywhere. They should consider supplementing their sports market with some unique gifts and rewards to keep the user motivated
  4. Language limits: You must be well conversant with the Swahili language to understand what is going on around the company operations. Otherwise, the ability to comfortably and accurately judge the purpose of different features is highly limited

Biko Sports Bonuses and Promotions

A lot is off when it comes to the Biko sports bonus hosting as they have nothing on the reward system to offer to their loyal customers. To counter the shortage users are cushioned with a Biko sports Tanzania jackpot market, which is a more natural way to make big money from a considerably low stake.

From a different point of view, the odds and general perfection within their website can be considered to be more of an offer. The return value from simple bets seems extremely high hence if you get it right in your selections, winning big is like any other thing.

Other promotion-related features you will encounter at Bikosports entail the payment systems and customer support unit. They process your transactions in seconds, and the standard transaction charges are a little bit low.

The Biko sport support unit is also exceptional, with the staff team ready to assist in any technical issues at any time of the day. Any claims are attended to diligently and within a short time; hence users feel appreciated and know that the bookie is with them all times.

Biko Jackpot

Bikosport jackpot is probably the opportunity for any Tanzanian to make millions in simple sports predictions. Simple terms and conditions govern the jackpot; thus, it is an open opportunity for the newbie, average, and the more experienced bettors. Getting all predictions right may not be the only way one can salvage some good money from the bookie.

That’s because biko sports have various bonuses attached to a specific number of forecasts. You will get a good share of the Bikosports jackpot if you correctly predict ten and above of the availed jackpot games. And that is, of course, in line with the grand prize which comes your way the moment you get all 13 matches right. A good number of punters can correctly predict up to 20 events in their normal accumulators, which seems more challenging to do than playing the jackpot.

 bikosport jackpot

Therefore, this is no questionable free opportunity that users cannot afford to assume. For only TZs.1000, participants can join the other potential winners of TZs97 million. The Bikosport bet on jackpot will involve the three leading selections; home win, draw or away win.

There are no goals, corners, and other possible outcome prediction opportunities. Nevertheless, it is an admirable feature punters have here considering its affordability. Many people are reported to be trying their luck to be the next millionaires. Users get this opportunity each week, and nobody is limited to the number of times they can win. Therefore, you can be the serial banker of this huge token.

How to Open Account on BikoSports

Considering the kind of investment avenues available within the Biko sport website, it is most likely that you would like to be part of the significant community.

Becoming part of this bookie’s users will be an excellent opening for you to play the jackpots, traditional sports markets with their significantly big odds, and exploit every corner of Biko sport tz products list.

The main registration methods entail desktop site, mobile site, or enrollment through the Biko mobile application. They are all simple and easy to follow, thus be keen to use the instructions provided below:

Register on the Biko sport desktop website:

 bikosport registration

  • It is expected that you find the Bikosports site here, although you can avoid the lengthy navigations and directly observe the enrollment form at Biko sports bet registration.
  • While on the Bikosports homepage, you should see a button at the top labeled “Jisajili Ushinde.”
  • Tap the button mentioned above and head to the registration portal
  • Fill out your details within the availed fields

 bikosport login

  • Now, assuming that you have already entered the required information, tap “Register.”

Biko sports mobile app

  • Download the Bikosports mobile app for android here
  • Install and open this application
  • At the bottom right, tap the “profile” option

 bikosports review

  • Within the profile pane, you should see a “sign in/registration” button at the top

 bikosport mobile registration

  • Use the above option to open the enrollment window

 bikosport mobile login

  1. Proceed to verify number
  2. Fill your Bikosport details
  3. Finally, tap “register” to secure the account and start placing bets

Deposit to Biko sports

Vodacom Mobile Money Bikosports:

This is a two-phased procedure that begins with your paying number verification.

  1. Tap the “Lipa Hapa” option
  2. Select to pay with Vodacom
  3. Enter the number you would wish to pay through
  4. Submit for the system to verify

In the final part of this procedure:

  1. Get the menu by dialing *149*89#
  2. Select payments
  3. Use the “Pay Companies” option, and type “Biko Sport” in the resulting pane
  4. Use the company business number: 101010
  5. Enter the verified number from the first procedure
  6. Now specify the amount you would like to pay and send request

Airtel Mobile Money Bikosports:

Having grasped the other mobile payments procedures, this should be a simple concept to understand:

  1. Go to “Lipa Hapa” and verify your number
  2. Dial *149*89# to get the payment menu on your phone
  3. Select payments, then head to “pay companies.”
  4. Type “Biko Sport” in the resulting space
  5. Enter the business number: 101010
  6. Enter the verified number
  7. Specify the amount and provide your Airtel Money pin
  8. Submit your request and wait for the confirmation text

Withdraw from Biko Sports

You can apply Vodacom, Airtel Money, and Tigo Pesa in these transactions using the following procedure:

  1. Locate “My account” section at Biko sport
  2. Within that, select withdraw
  3. Choose the payment method
  4. Specify amount
  5. Finally, authorize the withdrawal

BikoSport App and Mobile Version

All Biko sports platforms take a similar user interface and color orientation except the mobile application.

 bikosport app

The Bikosports mobile version offers more convenience through its cheap resources, availability, and optimal performance. There is only one app version for android users, and it avails a fantastic experience, whereby users can access all resources by this bookie easily.

Bikosports Customer support

Use any of these mediums:

  1. Call: 0746811190
  2. live chat button.

Bikosports Live Betting

Bet on events even after the game has kicked off at Bikosports tz. Be keen to captivate in the bookie’s high odds in this market, and you will certainly get it right since the gameplay is already precise.


With the current high expectations, every user looks forward to the bookie having what it takes to make their access simple, and thus, the platforms better be up to the standards.

Taking a walk through the company systems and trying different functionalities, we found out that it is a decent bookmaker.


  Are Bikosports safe?

Not just safe, but also reliable.

  Is Bikosport betting legal for Tanzania?

Yes they are licensed in Tanganyika

  How can I withdraw money from Bikosports?

Use Tigo, Airtel money, and Vodacom Mpesa.


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