Bikosport thrives courtesy of its mission "fast play, fast pay." That sounds like what every user would want from their favourite bookie; transaction requests and bets are settled timelessly. We can describe this bookmaker as a place full of possibilities, and users are assured of getting paid at the end of the day.

 bikosports registration

The payment processing effectiveness goes all the way to jackpot and their attached bonuses.

 bikosports registration bonus

The other important feature to take note of is the mobile application. Through this, users can access Bikosports login, participate in their preferable competitions, and bank lots of money. There is an android app purposefully meant to ease and speed up your operations with the bookie. There is no iOS application, and that shouldn't worry you since users are free to find Biko sports log in on their websites.

There are two websites in which one can log in or see the Biko sports registration functionality; the mobile version login/register and the desktop site login/registration.

To the punter's advantage, one can access any of the websites on any device connected to the internet, and there are no limits on the device type. All you need is a reliable internet connection, and you can log in Bikosports, play with the bookie, and use any of their features with optimal freedom.

How to register Bikosports and login account

Bikosports Registration and login operations can be conducted on any of the Bikosport bet platforms; desktop site, mobile site, or the android app. First, we shall handle the Biko sports log in using the three mediums:

Biko sports login on the desktop:

This is a straightforward approach that saves you the navigation time and energy. Using these instructions, access your company account on a desktop environment:

  • First, navigate to the Bikosport website
  • On your top right, you will see the two login fields

 bikosports register

  • Fill your Biko sports log in details
  • Hit the "Ingia" button at the extreme top-right end. NB: for non Swahili speakers in the country, the ingia button is representing login

Login on Mobile site Bikosport:

  • You first need to open the mobile bookie site here
  • On the top left, you should find the "Ingia/login" option

 bikosports mobile registration

  • Tap the button mentioned in step 2 above
  • Now on the access form, provide your phone number and password. The phone acts as your username since it is the authenticated number by the bookie system

 bikosports mobile login

  • Finally, tap the Biko sport "Login" button

Login through the android app:

  • How about you first download and install the Biko app login at
  • Run your bookie app
  • At the bottom right, go on to tap the "Profile" option

 bikosports mobile register

  • In the resulting pane, you should see a "login or register "text
  • Tap the above button. That takes you to the sign-in pane
  • Enter your details

 bikosports mobile sign up

  • Tap the "Log in" button

The Bikosports registration procedure follows similar steps as the Biko sport login on accessing the functionalities; however, users are usually accessing different buttons in this case.

Only the location of this features match but, their operations have a big difference. These are the Biko sports registration instructions for all three approaches:

Registration on mobile app Bikosport:

 bikosports registration on mobile

  1. Download, install and run the Biko sports app on an android device
  2. To complete step one above efficiently, directly load the app from our page here
  3. Once on the open application, go for the Profile icon at the bottom right of the mobile app
  4. Click the Biko sports Sign in/ register text at the top
  5. Step 4 leads you to the login button; however, within the same pane, you should have a view of the registration button
  6. Go for Bikosport registration and access the relevant window
  7. Enter your details
  8. Submit for registration approval

Desktop registration:

  • Access the Biko sports desktop registration form here
  • Alternatively, click Biko sports to head to the bookie homepage
  • From step 2 locate the "Jisajili Ushinde" option next to the login fields and tap it

 bikosports desktop registration

  • You will be redirected to the right Bikosport registration window. Using step 1, you can skip steps 2 and 3 and come to the enrollment pane directly.
  • On this form, fill in all required details accordingly

 bikosports desktop login

  • Submit for the details processing and ultimately registration

Mobile Bikosport site registration:

  • To navigate to the registration forms on the phone, click here. This first takes you to the Biko sport website.
  • On your top left, you should see a "Jisajili" text; tap it

 bikosports mobile site registration

  • Step three takes you to the Biko mobile register pane
  • Enter your number and a secure password

 bikosports mobile login

  • Tap the "register" icon to complete

As you can see, the above Biko sports registration and Bikosports login approaches are easy to follow, thus make an effort to access any of the two.

To make the process smooth, follow our redirecting links, and you will hopefully have a great experience investing in this bookie.

Benefits to signing up on Bikosports

There are plenty of operations you can conduct on the bookie's platforms (websites and the mobile application), some of which are:

  1. Play live games: Nobody is limited by time when they want to play in their favorite events. Even if the match has kicked off, you will have an opportunity to make your predictions. This also assures accuracy and easy wins with boosted odds in some cases.
  2. Variety in the Bikosports sportsbook: Sports market being the main avenue from the company is well covered as all the bookie's efforts are driven towards improving the standards of their sportsbook. With a single market, users who love sports are rarely distracted and lured to other avenues they weren't prepared to play in.
  3. Different Bikosports payment options: Conduct transactions easily, fast, and efficiently using any of the local mobile payment methods availed by Biko sports. Users are at liberty to hold transactions on airtel money, Tigo Pesa, and Vodacom; these payment methods are illustrated within this Bikosport login review.
  4. Biko sport customer support: Their technical team can be appreciated for always being around whenever needed to be. They respond fast to users' claims and also offer guidance on bet procedures to newbie punters
  5. Excellent user interface: You don't need a manual guide on how to locate the bookie features. Once you login to their website or open the bookie domain even before log in, you will quickly understand what is happening with the many features on your screen

Biko sports, however, fails to offer some key betting functionalities, and that has been a significant barrier to their dominance over the Tanzanian market. The shortcomings entail:

  1. Lack of major markets like the casinos and virtual gaming avenues
  2. Absence of the Bikosport iOS app
  3. There are no promotions whatsoever
  4. Seems not very vibrant and competitive when it comes to entertaining users with graphical aspects
  5. Biko sports platforms are dull

Nevertheless, if you understand and love old-school, you will find all simplicity you need within this bookie.

Bikosports deposit and withdrawal options from your account

Deposit and withdrawal channels remain the same, with the only difference being the approach of holding both of them. The main local mobile payment mediums are Tigo, Vodacom, and Airtel Money.

Here are the instructions on depositing to Biko sports Tanzania using:

Airtel Money Bikosports

  1. Login to your Biko sport account
  2. Once on the company system, select "Lipa Hapa."
  3. Select Airtel money and provide your number
  4. Submit your number for verification
  5. After that proceed to dial *149*89#
  6. On the resulting menu, select payments
  7. Tap "pay to companies" and type "Biko Sport" in the availed space
  8. Enter the company business no: 101010
  9. Proceed to provide the verified number you had provided on the site as the reference number
  10. Enter the amount and supply pin.
  11. Finally, send request

Vodacom Bikosports

  1. Verify the Vodacom number you want to use. That's by going to Lipa Hapa, choosing Vodacom and submitting your number
  2. Dial *149*89# on your phone to get the menu
  3. Choose payments
  4. Pay to companies
  5. Enter Biko sports in the resulting space
  6. Type the business no. 101010
  7. Provide the verified number
  8. Enter amount
  9. Supply pin and send request

Biko sport withdrawal

  1. Visit the "profile" section in your account
  2. Choose to withdraw
  3. Specify amount to be transacted
  4. Click "withdraw" to authorize the transaction

Bikosports registration bonus

There is no welcome bonus or any other type of gifts within this bookie


  How do I register for Bikosports?

Register via the websites or mobile app

  How do I bet online with Bikosports from my account?

By tapping on your selections, they are added into a bet slip. Proceed to input stake and book your ticket

  How good is Bikosports?

This is an average bookie


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